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School Days…

Published 28 February, 2012 by itsaheartache

I get a very depressed, almost sick feeling when I drive past schools that are vacant.  Not the “Oh, kids are out for the day” vacant, but visibly empty where no one goes there anymore.  The landscaping is unkempt.  The playground equipment may be removed, leaving bare patches in the grass where little feet once played and scuffled up the dirt while swinging.

School is very nostalgic to me.  Because I had a lousy childhood, I really clung to the smallest detail of my schools.  The smells, the echoes of the hallways, even the gross orange color of the lockers in high school.

Thinking of those schools just sitting there, with no one loving them.. It makes me so sad.

I live in a state where our government and legislation feel that education falls lower in the priority list than other things.  I’m not a political person and this is not the place to voice my thoughts regarding those types of things.  I don’t think we need to be on one side or another when it comes to preserving education and preserving schools.

There comes a time when a building is just too old.  It will cost more to maintain the upkeep than it would to just build new.  The newer buildings are more efficient, run greener, and fine, they look better.

There’s something to be said about the old creak of a wooden floor though.  The hiss of an old-school radiator.  Chalkboards.

What about tetherball?  And 4-Square?  No, I don’t mean the thing you check in on to reveal your whereabouts to everyone on your preferred social media network… The chalk outlines on the ground, and we bounced a ball to each other.  I don’t know that I ever really learned how to play it properly.

*Sigh*  I guess I just miss being a kid.  Life is so complicated now.  Granted, life’s what you make it (OK Hannah Montana), and I have made quite the life for myself.

But I love to think of simpler times.

Thinking about school takes me back.  Wanna trade lunches?