Bad Mom

Published 18 January, 2011 by itsaheartache

I have a confession.  I have no idea what I’m doing.  I cave when I shouldn’t.  I put my foot down about dumb things.

And Sunday, I yelled at Natalie.  Getting ready to make the trip back to Donald’s; I had been trying to get them to get around for going on a half hour.  Finally, I said ‘Damnit, Natalie.  Get your stuff and let’s go.’   The words left my mouth quicker than I could filter them, and there she stood wringing her little hands with the saddest look on her face.  My impatience was making her insecure.

I feel like a piece of shit.  They have a hard enough time having to live with their dad and his loud ass, they don’t need to come here and have me hollering at them.  It’s supposed to be safe here.

I shouldn’t have lost my temper.


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