Published 17 October, 2010 by itsaheartache

I’m the last person who should say anything disparagingly about other people complaining, but Christ on a cracker it’s so exhausting watching everyone else’s drama.

Let me explain.

If you have done nothing and continue to do nothing to change the circumstances in your life, you have no right to sit and bitch when things do not go your way.  Having said that, I have a (very small) handful of friends who bust their ass every day and surmount ridiculous obstacles, only to have things continue to blow up in their faces.  THEY have a right to let off some steam.  It does suck to fight the good fight and try to do right by everyone, only to have another hurdle to jump over.

The point is, those of us who jump the hurdles rather than curling up in front of them – We are stronger.  We looked adversity in the face and said “To hell with you.  We’re breaking up and I want my Verve Pipe CD back!”

Hell freakin’ yeah.

If I have any sympathy at all for those people who stay with the same shitty guy, who go to work at the same shitty job, who let their toxic piece of shit friends dictate their lives and tastes… If I have any sympathy at all, it’s because they are not yet strong enough to say “Enough.  That’s it – I’m doing this on my own and you can’t stop me.”  Because let me tell you, it’s a great feeling to discard the toxicity.

Quit expecting sympathy.  Quit putting your drama out there for everyone to see, and then refuse to do anything to change it.  Put your god damn pants on and grow the hell up.


2 comments on “Snark

  • I am convinced there are a lot of people who really enjoy having that obstacle. They hang to the griping and misery like it’s a blue blankie. Granted, there are times when I sit down in front of one and think, “Oh, f*ck me. I don’t feel like dealing with this at all”. Eventually, I do. But – it takes friends to sometimes give you a kick in the pants to get up and moving again.

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