30 Days of Letters: Day 6 – A Stranger

Published 18 September, 2010 by itsaheartache

It’s not often that I’m drawn to someone I don’t know.  It’s even less often that it’s a girl who I’m drawn to.

I saw you a couple of years ago at a Carraba’s restaurant, while on a bad date.  I can say without a moment’s hesitation that you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen.

Your hair was the color of burnt sugar, long, wavy, shiny. I wanted to come put my hands in it, but that would be rude.  So I stared as much as I could without being rude to you or my date.

Your complexion was flawless, you wore little make up but you seemed to glow.  When you threw your head back in laughter, I smiled involuntarily.  I was mesmerized by you.

I watched your face change shape with your conversation; your eyes twinkled when you laughed and your eyebrows were expressive without being freakishly Carrot-Top like.  I wondered what you were talking to your dinner companion about…

I wonder if you know how beautiful you are, I hope someone tells you every day.


One comment on “30 Days of Letters: Day 6 – A Stranger

  • Oh my oh my, I have a woman like this in my life. In my case, she is…Malaysian? Mmm, close. The first thing that I noticed was her smile, like *POW* the sun coming out from behind a cloud… and later, as she turned around, oh good heavens, all of that thick, long, shiny black hair! I laughed as I read your post because I had felt the same thing, like, “Can I just bury my hands in that and play with it for awhile? Sure, we just met, but I mean seriously, have you SEEN your hair? Good lord…”

    I still see her around and each time I watch that hair swish, swish and just sigh. Beautiful. She’s just beautiful.

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