Happy New Year

Published 4 January, 2010 by itsaheartache

Much like making our beds, a new year offers us a “clean start”. As we whoosh our blankets over clean, crisp sheets, the mistakes and regret from the previous year seem to be dismissed… For a minute.

But the bed gets messy. Pillows are strewn carelessly in search of the perfect position. You know the one, where just enough of your leg is sticking out to keep you from over heating. By the time you’ve had a good night, the blankets are half off and god knows where your other sock went.

Sometimes you toss the covers on carelessly, when company shows up. The bed is neglected.

This year I hope my bed is messy. I hope to lose mountains of socks. And I won’t toss the blankets back on when someone comes over. Let them see it.

This year, I resolve to NOT make any “resolutions”. What are they anyway but some empty vows we beat ourselves up over when we fall short. I don’t see it as failing. We are human.

This year I will not adhere myself to the latest fad diet.

This year I will not give up the things I love in hopes of creating some false sense of something.

This year I will not mind my manners.

This year I will not fake it.

This year I will focus on the steady improvements I have made in my life.

This year I will cherish every second I have with my fantastic children.

This year I will work hard to maintain the friendships I have been lucky enough to have.

This year I will find the strength to end toxic relationships.

This year I will be stoic in my constant endeavor to learn more, be more.

This year I will be happy.

This year I will be loved.

This year I will fight.

I have earned this year. You cannot take it from me.


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