It’s A Perfect Kind Of Day…

Published 17 September, 2009 by itsaheartache

On the way to the building this morning, the shuttle driver said ‘What a beautiful day.  I bet today is the perfect kind of day to have a crappy day’.

He couldn’t be more right.  I’m literally counting down the minutes to a meeting that will probably destroy my mood for the next day or so.  Goose Fraba – we have done everything we can at this point to avoid the worst, and unfortunately the worst has happened.  It’s out of our hands.


So how have you been? 

I don’t have a boyfriend anymore.  I should just stop writing about boys here.  They always end up disappointing me.  I know the right one will come along one day and prove me wrong, but I haven’t met him yet so whatever. 

The kids and I are moved out of my brother’s house.  We have been in our new place for about 6 weeks now.  We love it, however do NOT love our neighbors.  Apartment living is definitely hard to get used to.  I can’t believe how inconsiderate some people are.  Between the loud music, constant stomping, and letting their heathen children run around screaming at all hours of the night… Oye. 

It has been very hard to get used to being a grown up again.  It’s all I could think about for the 6 months we lived with my brother, but now that it’s happened it’s almost like I’ve frozen.  Like I’ve forgotten what it is I’m supposed to be doing.  It took me almost a month before I was able to actually sit down and relax.  A month!! In my own place!!  It felt so weird.  My stuff doesn’t feel like mine.  I hate the second hand furniture I have.  I should note that I’m in no way ungrateful, I just hate it.  It’s not my microsuede fantastic furniture that I had to sell for nothing.  I miss my old furniture.  I’m counting down until tax time when I can buy a big fancy sectional.  If I make it that long!!

All in all, things are looking better though.  I am on the road to mental recovery.  I’ve not been sleeping through the night which is irritating, however once I start to relax and feel at home I should be fine.  Just a bump.

I love that I have two bathrooms.

I love that I have my own washer and dryer.

I love that I have my fat cat back.

I love that I have my own room, where I can close the door and breathe.

I love that the boys are back in their old school with their old friends.

I love that I am close to Jen and Elle again.

I love that I can cook dinner and not do the dishes immediately after everyone is done eating.

I love that I can go out at night after the boys go to bed and not feel like a bad person.

I’m almost me again!  I just can’t wait for the rest of me to show back up.


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