What I Like About Sundays

Published 15 February, 2009 by itsaheartache

It’s slightly past 9 a.m. on a sunny Sunday morning.  What the heck am I doing up? 

Seriously though, I feel good about today.  I’m going wedding shopping with Jen and maybe we’ll go see the Shopaholic movie.  It might hit a little too close to home though, LOL. 

My brother and his family went to church this morning, they are so funny all getting around and how they function together.  They are a good team.   My kids are great too though. 

Gross I just saw a commercial for this site called Online Booty Call dot com.  GROSS.  I guess though it takes the mystery out of online dating, huh?  I don’t think I could join a site like that, but far be it for me to judge those who are on it.  Part of me is curious and wants to see if it is a real site, but then I would be worried that Brother or Sis-In-Law would see it in the internet history and think it was the other one.  How awkward would THAT conversation be?  The shittiest part of online dating is that most of the dudes on there are looking for exactly that; a piece of ass.  It’s lame, especially for those of us who are on there for the right reasons.  But I digress.

Jen and I have been looking up Vegas trips; they are really cheap right now!!!  It gives me more motivation to save money so we can move and I can go this year.  I worry about that coming off as selfish, wanting to go on the trip this year.  It’s the only thing I do every year though.  Now that my taxes are here I have begun paying off my debt (almost t here!!) and that means I can begin saving.  I have to find a way to remind myself to bring left overs for lunch.  I always forget, and then end up spending money in the cafeteria.  Granted it is nice food there but 6 bucks a day adds up pretty quickly.  Add to that the energy drinks & muffins every morning… It’s kind of stupid how much money I waste. 

I don’t think Rich Vos is as funny as he thinks he is.

I’m going to go make a cake.  Yum.


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