Woo. 100 Things Post.

Published 28 January, 2009 by itsaheartache

I’ve caught the bug… Enjoy my 100 Things Post!!

1. I always think the worst.  Even when given great news; I think about the bad things that could come from it.
2. My favorite part of doing laundry is folding socks.  
3. I will never know the identity of my real biological father.
4. I think I’m becoming more of a grown up because I’ve developed quite a liking for flakes cereal.  (Raisin bran, Total) 5. I could go all day most days just snacking.
6. I found a really cool purple slider phone on Alltel.com but the shopping cart won’t process.  (Probably a good thing)
7. I’m a really clean person, but have recently been put in my place by my old landlord who claims there are over 2000 dollars worth of cleaning fees to be done before he can rent the old apartment out.  Come on, 2000 dollars?!?!?!
8. Allegiant Air added direct to Vegas flights from the closest airport to me.  You can’t imagine how happy this makes me.  
9. I can crack my toes by standing on them, folded under.  It looks about as gross as it sounds (Sorry Dirk!!)
10. I want to help everyone, but know I can’t.
11. I obsess so much about tasks to be done and things to buy that I write lists upon lists.  Then I re-write them.  Over and over.  
12. I’ve already begun my shopping list for my new place.
13. I looked at my butt in the mirror yesterday and thought about Olympia Dukakis’s character in Steel Magnolias… in the wedding scene they are gossiping about people on the dance floor and she says “Looks like 2 pigs fightin’ under a blanket”.  I need to do some serious jogging.
14. I can’t ski.
15. When the kids move out of the house I am seriously moving out west; probably to Las Vegas.
16. My big brother and sis-in-law are the people I admire the most in this world.  I look up to them more than anyone who has ever been in my life.
17. I have 3 of the most awesome best friends ever.  They’re each so different and I love that about them.  
18. I become distracted by rainbows while driving; always looking for the pot of gold at their ends.
19. I’m semi-afraid of balloons… I can tolerate them from a distance but if you get too close with them I get dodgy.
20. I’m generally pretty level-headed until I get behind the wheel of a vehicle.  
21. Or behind the handle of a shopping cart.
22. Or behind the heels of a slow pedestrian; particularly in the mall or on the Vegas Strip.
23. Maybe I’m not so level-headed after all.
24. I don’t like it when people look at me.  
25. Farts are hilarious to me.  
26. To me, a perfect world would involve billboards everywhere of shirtless Matthew McConaughey, water coolers with Cherry energy drink, and “Fiesta Friday” complete with sombrero-capped cabana boys fetching trays of mini tacos.  
27. I feel guilty if I leave work early, even if I have a legitimate reason.
28. I have more makeup than I will ever use, however continue to buy more.
29. I don’t like it when people do not use their spell check before publishing / sending something.
30. However… I have an unexplainable intolerance for people who criticize grammar and spelling in online forums.
31. I have an even larger intolerance for people who use text messaging acronyms in normal email notes.
32. I cry whenever my kids perform live.  
33. I cannot drink Tequila.  I have a hard time even smelling it.
34. If I go into a store I feel guilty if I do not buy something, even if I am just going with my friend or something.
35. I have only ended 2 “relationships” in my life.  Everyone else has either dumped me savagely, or used the “It’s not you, it’s me – Let’s just be friends” line.
36. I hate that line.
37. I do not think Angelina Jolie is as great as everyone says she is.  To me she’s just a common home wrecker who couldn’t keep her vagina to herself.  
38. I’m not a very sympathetic person.  I’m trying to work on this.
39. If I watch a scary movie with you, I will talk to the people in the movie and probably grab your arm and swear.  Ask Elle.
40. Garage sales are the best; I love them and try to stop at every one that piques my interest.
41. I can’t keep plants alive.
42. I go through phases where for a few months I meticulously file and re-paint my nails every night; and then for the next few months I just keep them trimmed and not polished.
43. I enjoy browsing my sons’ algebra books and doing sample problems.  They get mad at me when I call them out for doing a problem wrong.
44. I need another Dale Carnegie class.
45. I’m so desperate for a permanent full time job that I’m considering *gasp* Manual Labor.
46. All the little annoying mannerisms that my oldest son has?  My nephews and niece think they are hilarious, which leads me to think I need to relax a little about it.
47. People who don’t silence their cell phones in an office the size of the one I work really get under my skin.
48. I can be ridiculously impatient, and it drives me crazy.
49. I love all things Domo-Kun.  
50. When I’m on the phone I doodle compulsively on whatever the closest object is.  
51. I dislike talking on the phone, which is hilarious given that I want to get a new cell phone and new plan.
52. I’m terrified of ladders and open heights.  
53. I’m OK with the fact that I probably won’t marry until later in life.  
54. Tomatoes make me queasy.
55. I love water, and one of my favorite things to do is to sit on the lake and look into the water at the fish.  Bluegill beds are my favorite to watch, because the mom fish hang out looking all mean, waiting for someone to mess with their babies.
56. I don’t feel like my mom loves me as much as she loves my sister.  This isn’t an emo “poor me” statement, it’s merely an observation.
57. People who get ahead by doing next to nothing and skating by based on who they know really make me angry.  
58. I have over 100 pairs of socks.  Less than 5 of these pairs are plain white.  I don’t like plain socks.
59. I wear a size 9 – 9.5 ring.
60. I wear a size 9 – 9.5 shoe as well.
61. I don’t care what anyone says – Still Of The Night by Whitesnake has one of the most amazing bridges ever.
62. When I was 11, I stirred peanut butter into vanilla ice cream, then put on a huge layer of “Magic Shell”.  This was at my dad’s (Well the man who’s on my birth certificate anyway) house; and he raped me for 5 years.  I still can not eat Magic Shell or ice cream with any sort of peanut butter in it because it brings me back psychologically to that place in my life.  
63. I look forward to the kids’ summer vacations because that means I can go into work early without worrying about bus stops and dropping kids off at school.  (Plus they love to sleep in)
64. The first time I tried to make popcorn in our apt. as a kid, I didn’t put a lid on the pot and therefore tried to cover it with a plastic colander.  The colander melted all over the place, the popcorn burnt & stuck to the pan, and what didn’t stick to the pan popped all over the kitchen.  Boy did I get in trouble.
65. My daughters are pitting my ex & me against each other.
66. I worry about what will happen to my kids if they move away from home too early.  I think I will have a hard time letting go, because I don’t want them to have to go through the things I had to go through.
67. Every time I get my hair cut I hate it.
68. When I make pancakes, I like to make extras and save them in a baggie; then eat them like a sandwich later with peanut butter on them.
69. I can’t stand lettuce.  Most of the time if you see me eating a salad it’s because I feel guilty about what I REALLY want to eat.
70. I did a BMI and weight loss calculator today, and at a loss rate of 1 lb. per week it’s going to take me until April of NEXT YEAR to lose all the weight I want to lose.  
71. Maybe I should begin to like lettuce.
72. I’m not ticklish.
73. I really regret the location of 3 of my tattoos.  I want to get “Wrecking Ball” and fade them away.
74. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ gives me goose bumps every time I hear it.
75. I don’t know how to drive a stick shift.
76. I love to go snow tubing and have almost as good a time as the kids.  Too bad I feel it for days after!!
77. With my current financial depression, my biggest worry is not being able to save enough to move AND be able to book my annual Vegas trip.  I understand how awful and selfish this sounds.  It’s one of the only things I look forward to every year though, so I’m hanging onto it.
78. I’m really good at my job.
79. The smell of Plumeria is disgusting to me.
80. I like to look at Pure Romance catalogs and giggle inappropriately at the pictures.
81. I enjoy singing, really loudly, while driving.  I’ve embarrassed the boys at intersections before.  I also do it in the store.
82. I’m absolutely horrible with directions.  
83. I’m so relieved I was able to bring my own bed to Brother’s house… I love that bed.  
84. I have no real reason for it, but I can’t stand Renee Zelwegger.  I did not know she was in the movie Chicago and am angry that I like that movie so much.  
85. I can crochet, and have about 3 or 4 half done projects.  (In storage LOL)
86. I’m going to finish my book by the end of the year.  
87. At my former job I sent an April Fool email message to my bosses saying that I was going to leave the company to pursue a career in the professional wrestling industry.  They bought it, for a minute, and then I couldn’t keep a straight face.  It was good.
88. For having such an aversion to exercise, I sure do love step aerobics.  I wish there was somewhere with classes nearby.
89. I didn’t know the truth about Santa Claus until 5th grade, and even then it was mean boys from my class who picked on me because I still believed.  I cried for days.
90. I still love to color with crayons, in coloring books.  Sesame Street and Lisa Frank are my favorite types of pictures to color.  I’m also a sucker for a good Christmas coloring book, heavy on the wreaths and Christmas trees.
91. I have never used my blender.
92. The shirt I’m wearing today makes me look like I have one of those old fashioned striped night shirts on.  I’m embarrassed by it and am trying not to do much walking around.  Coincidentally, I have had to walk to either end of our complex today to meetings.  I think the fashion police are waiting outside.
93. The song “Lonely People” by America makes me cry.
94. I have a crush on Guy Fieri.
95. I used to be able to roller skate, but in 7th grade I fell and broke a tooth and I have been too scared to do it since.
96. When my kids play on their skateboards I can barely stand to watch them because I’m sure they are going to hurt themselves (They totally don’t hurt themselves but I’m just having mom panic)
97. The books on my bookcase are first ordered by size, then alphabetically by author, then alphabetically by book title.
98. I’ve lost interest in American Idol.  I never thought this would happen.
99. I don’t play the lottery, but it doesn’t stop me from making imaginary plans with the money I will never win.
100. I think that even given the shortfalls of late, this year will be my best ever.


One comment on “Woo. 100 Things Post.

  • Not used ur blender? That’s crazy!!

    Okay. Vanilla Ice Cream + Milk + Hershey’s chocolate syrup + Malt Mix (Carnation makes a fabulous Chocolate one)

    Blend it and drink the hell out of it! It totally beats the shit out of fast food resturants!

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