Daily Discontent 1-25-09

Published 25 January, 2009 by itsaheartache

OK, I Smell You!! –
Ladies (And Gentlemen too).  Come closer.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO BATHE IN YOUR PERFUME.  I understand the desire to smell good.  I understand wanting to have your own personal scent, and wanting to be identified by your smelling goodliness.  I like to smell good, and in fact I think I do a damn good job at it.  But come on, when your Wind Song stays on my mind 15 minutes after you’ve left my immediate area, it’s time to re-think your application process.  It’s OK to not put enough perfume on to scent an entire troupe of Vegas showgirls.  

… On a semi-icky side note; I made my way into the ladies’ room to do my business Friday morning; and couldn’t miss the unmistakable scent of flowers.  Breaking News – Someone’s poo does, in fact, smell like roses.  

Steven Adler –
My poor, addicted, mullet loving friend.  How can you think in a zillion years that what you are doing to yourself is OK?  I don’t know whether to fight you in the street, or take you home and feed you.  If any of you are not watching “Sober House” on VH1, you need to tune in immediately.  What a depressing and motivating show.  Steven is the one with the biggest addiction – went through Celebrity Rehab and was almost 1 month sober; then shows up to Sober House completely crocked out of his mind.  Then he picked fights with anyone who called him out.  Last night he was taken from the house in a police car.  Dr. Drew has done all he can for him; I’m eager to see if he actually ends up cleaning up.  But for now he makes the list, just for being a naughty bear.

Mouthy Teenagers –
Some girl cursed my niece out on Face Book.  My oldest son has to argue EVERY word that passes in his general direction.  My other son has a flippant chip on his shoulder if everything does not go perfectly his way.  And not only that; then he makes crappy comments and implies that he has it worse off than anyone in the world.  AH!  I’m so over teenagers, and I’ve only just begun.  Help me, Tom Cruise!!  Use your witchcraft powers and put the invisible fire out!

Moving –
I’m still over moving.  The move went well, and we’re all in Brother’s house and settled in.  I miss my stuff.  I miss my cats.  I miss my Domokun.  My mantra has been “This is for the best.  It will all be OK.”  And I’m sure it will be.  It’s only been a week so I’m really asking too much of myself to be totally used to it already.  

Paperwork –
I do taxes on the side.  I also had to go through the fabulous process of enrolling 3 kids in a new school.  This process came complete with about 5 sets of documents per kid, plus surveys and parent information cards.  I have neat, size-proportionate handwriting.  This changes about 4 ¾ forms into the debacle.  Lord do I dislike paperwork.

Anti Roe V Wade People –
Enough said.


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