Daily Discontent For 1-14-09

Published 14 January, 2009 by itsaheartache

Fennel Seeds.  Gross.  I warmed my Stouffer’s Lasagna Italiano for lunch today hoping to dig into some fantastic Italian goodness, only to be greeted by dozens of these horrible tidbits.  They mocked me, laughing as I tried to push them off the top of my frozen entrée.  No dice.  Not only was the whole dish ruined, but it looked like something you could find in those little metal dishes on Dr. 90210.  I don’t like fennel seeds! 


Being Overdrawn.  I’ll admit that I’m not too good with money.  However, it really chaps me when I forget to log something into my bank ledger and wouldn’t you know – it hits 2 days before payday and cleans me out + a $34 overdraft fee.  I now have -$53 to my name.  At least for a couple of days, until payday gets here, but then it will be gone again.  I hate, hate, hate being overdrawn.  It makes me feel like such a lame-ass.  Well, I guess it is my own fault for not managing my money better.  But hey, we’re working on that one, no?


Colds.  I am getting another damn cold.  This one has taken residence in the back of my throat and is moving to my chest.  It was just 2 weeks ago that I had a horrible sinus cold.  It seems to be migrating.  I have never had more colds in my life until I came to work where I do.  At least I know why everyone has hand sanitizer and Kleenex on their desks.  Open offices with 100+ people are not as fun as I would have thought they could be.  Hmph.


Moving.  I’ll say it again – I hate moving.  I hate carrying stuff.  I hate having to clean things 5 and 6 times before I’m totally happy with them.  I hate having to cram my crap into a tiny storage unit (OMG it’s so impossibly tiny).  I hate boxes.  I hate not knowing where anything is.  I hate deciding which of my things are important enough to warrant taking to Brother’s house and risk irritating him with the amount of crap I’m bringing.  I just hate it.  The next time I move I want it to be the last time.


4 words – Alberta Clipper.  Effing COLD.  Holy crap it’s cold outside.  In the big city they are assembling groups of people to seek out the homeless people and make sure they are taken somewhere warm (churches, shelters)  One of the local radio stations called it Bum Hunt ’09.  How mean, but how true.  When it’s cold enough that the weather man is discouraging being outside for any amount of time, you know you’ve got some weather.  The low last night?  Wait for it… Two below.  Now you’re in Michigan.  Once that little dash appears before the temperature, you’ve got some weather.  And I have to move in this crap!!!  Yikes!

Bikini Girl. Yes, add me to the list of bloggers complaining about this waste of cells.  I watched the season premiere of American Idol last night waiting for the usual line up of awful wanna-be singers and those few diamonds in the rough.  The girl who sang Barracuda is officially my favorite.  She wants me to spoon with her.  But the little hooker who showed up on a bikini, declared that she was going to make out with Ryan Seacrest (ICK!!!) when she got her ticket, and then sang like crap?  I hate her.  And I hate even more that she was put through.  We all know why she was put through.  She’s got a body like a battle ax.  One of the finest backsides I’ve seen in a long time.  But I digress.  Her attitude is horrible.  Her face isn’t even that cute.  She shakes her head like a bobblehad when she sings.  I can’t wait till Hollywood when they burst her bubble in a bad way.  I hope she cries.


One comment on “Daily Discontent For 1-14-09

  • Hey dude.

    Please excuse my lame ass comment, but I just wanted to say Hi.

    I have never had fennel seeds, I don’t think? Think I will stay away tho.

    Anyway, good luck with the move!

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