Show Me The Way To Get Home; I’m Tired & I Wanna Go To Bed

Published 12 January, 2009 by itsaheartache

Holy Hannah, am I ever tired. I don’t even want to think about the mountains of things that still await me at home to finish. I have boxes upon boxes, and laundry upon laundry. I don’t even get home at night until after the sun has gone down. It’s going to be a long week.

Work is still busy and I still like it. I don’t have any big major gripes about anyone I work with. And even if I did, I probably wouldn’t say it here because people get fired for that kind of nonsense.

I’ve made myself a list of things to do tonight… The most hilarious thing is that I have rewritten this same list almost every night for the past week. What a bum, eh!! Procrastination is one of my finer points, unfortunately it’s coming to bite me where it hurts!!! Saturday morning is show time and I have to be totally ready.

Tomorrow morning I need to drop off the enrollment papers for the boys’ new schools and set up their tours. The boys are understandably nervous. Oldest Boy is more nervous than the other two boys; he says there is too much new going on at the same time. And he is right. I just have to keep him talking and remind him that everything will be OK; this way he doesn’t tail spin and go into another depression.

I admire their ability to just go with the flow and trust me. There are times when I don’t even trust myself, but there they are with their silent encouragement. They make me so proud.

With all the bad news regarding the economy, I wonder how long I will have to stay with Brother? I mean seriously, with the way things look I think 6 months is being very optimistic. My gut tells me that I need to start getting my name on lists for housing in Greenville but I need to be realistic. If they have something ready in 2 months, I am not going to be ready. Not even in the slightest. I guess we’ll just play it by ear and see how it goes.

I need to get my cookbooks around and get some recipes out for cooking big dinners! I will add that to my To-Do list. LOL That made me giggle. The list is ever expanding and I seem to be getting more and more tired as I think about it.

Deep breath, and repeat after me… This too shall pass.

Jen and I took the Divas to a bridal show on Saturday afternoon. The Divas enjoyed all the free cake samples, and Jen & I were annoyed by the constant influx of traffic-jammed pedestrians. There were lots of cake vendors, caterers, party buses to climb into, and DJ’s playing sample songs. The Divas and I did the Cupid Shuffle, much to the enjoyment of the DJ’s booth we were loitering in. We drew a crowd, because come on – Who can resist a chubby girl and two adorable blonde twins cutting a rug? We had to have been a sight, and we had a riot. The Divas wanted to dance to it again but some song they don’t know came on and they wouldn’t dance with me anymore. Alas, there’s always the wedding to look forward to.

Yesterday was interesting – My windshield wiper broke!!! The drive home from taking the girls home was less than fun, highway splash back from passing semis is never a fun thing, and also take into effect I couldn’t wipe the goop off!! I need to take the van to AutoZone or something and have them put a new wiper on for me. I hope it’s not too expensive! I’ll price it out and have it done on the way home tonight. We’re supposed to get some more snow and then guess what? The bottom is going to drop out. Gross.

I’m a fair-weather Michigan weather lover. I love the seasons, and I do love winter. The deep freeze this time of year is really hard for me to like, though. The high temps later this week aren’t even supposed to get out of the single digits. It’s hard to be cheerful when your face muscles are frozen in place. I guess it’s true what our moms used to say… “If you keep making that face it’s going to freeze that way”. In the right weather, I’m sure it CAN freeze that way. Thanks, mom. I don’t know how the Eskimos do it. I guess they must snuggle a lot when it gets cold like this.

OMG one more thing before I go. The girls and Jen and I went to eat Saturday before the bridal show; we went to Long John Silver’s. (Hush, I love that place) We sat down and got our food, and I gave Jen my hush puppies. I don’t like them, and Jen does. Well, the girls like them too. Natasha said “I like hush puppies, but I feel bad that the doggies have to die”. HAHAHAHA She thought they were made from dogs!!! It was the cutest thing in the world. Yes, I did tell her they are made of bread and some other stuff I don’t know.  But no doggies.  She is too cute.

With that I shall leave you for a few days, until I get some time to write again.

Remember to breathe. And be thankful for the small stuff.


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