Published 21 December, 2008 by itsaheartache

I think I might be done with my shopping.  Actually I should retract that statement; I forgot a couple of the stocking things.  But I am done with the big stuff.  And thanks to the gods for that.

Today I ventured to the big city in search of great bargains – And apparently horrible traffic, because that’s what I found.  I had a migraine before 1:00.

We got quite a big winter storm on Friday.  We picked up about a good foot of snow in 10 hours; which is quite interesting considering everyone in Michigan knows what happens in the winter yet forgets how to drive or cope with it.  I got stuck in my driveway coming home from work.  It sucked.  I love the snow, and I love winter.  I DON’T love being stuck.  Being stuck resulted in my ruining the thread on my drivers front tire.  So guess what I got to do this morning – Yes you guessed it.  I got to wobble my bulging tire ass to the tires shop and swipe the old card for over 300 bucks that I really didn’t have.  300 bucks for 2 tires, mounting of used tires on the back, and an oil change.  Is that good?  I can’t tell; my ass hurts too bad.

I came home from Christmas shopping, hid the bags in my room, then ran right back out on the roads to do my grocery shopping.  I got 2 weeks worth of groceries for 105 bucks.  I think I do pretty good for feeding a family of 6 on that.  We’ll probably run out of milk and bread before next week but shoot; the major stuff is planned and bought.  I got home for good, and the boys helped me take care of groceries and we watched a movie and a George Carlin special from 1983.  The boys went to bed, and then I came in here to wrap presents.  I gave up 15 minutes ago after about 25 presents.  I’ll finish the rest tomorrow between laundry loads.

I’m actually getting excited for Christmas.  I was able to get a few more things than I thought I would be able to.  I think the kids will all be happy with what they get.

The roast of Jeff Foxworthy is on Comedy Central. Do you remember when roasts were funny?  This one looks and sounds like everyone is reading from a teleprompter.  My favorite person on these things is Lisa Lampanelli.  She’s funny and it’s funny when she gets picked on too.  You would think that the world would run out of slut jokes, but apparently not.

Man I’m tired.


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