It’s A Girl Thing

Published 14 December, 2008 by itsaheartache

It’s no surprise that the dating front sucks for me right now.  What’s a girl to do?  I’m one foot out of the dugout, and that’s no lie.  I thought that since I’m so close to breaking through to the other side, I’d share my Girlie Wish List.

First, we have Kate Walsh.  She is my #1 on the wish list, and for obvious reasons.  She is striking.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Plus she looks like she might just have a little bossy streak to her, which is never a bad thing.  One of my favorite commercials (which they don’t even SHOW anymore) is the one where Ms. Walsh is driving the Chrysler car in her hot ass shoes, and she’s talking in her smooth low voice.  Meow.

Here’s to you, Ms. Walsh.


Next up I’m going Jungle Fever.  I used to have a thing for Gabrielle Union until I realized that so did everyone else.  I want my first time to be special.  So I picked Ms. Vivica A. Fox.  A nice experienced woman, I’m sure she’s had experience in breaking hearts.  I love this woman.  She exudes confidence, in every way.  Her posture, her manner of speaking, Uf.

Take a bow, Ms. Fox.


Up now, Brody Dalle.  She’d kick your ass, and sing a bitchin’ song while doing it.  This naughty lass is frontwoman for The Distillers, and has a low gravelly voice.  Rawr.  I love her rawness, her “I don’t give a shit” attitude, and the fact that she hangs tough in a male-dominated genre.  You are something fantastic, Brody.

Smile and wave…


Where would the Wish List be without the sweet little girl next door?  Have no fear, Mila Kunis is here.  I love her on That 70’s Show; I love her as the voice of Meg on  Family Guy, and I adored her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  She has those sweet girl next door looks, but her eyes definitely shine with mischief.  I can even overlook the fact that she was involved with the corpse-looking McCauley Culkin.  Everyone has a past, let’s just hope she’s gotten over that phase.

Mila, call me!


Last on the list, but definitely not least… Jennifer Aniston.  I have been a fan of hers forever, even through the whole “Would you rather with Jen or Angelina” bullshit water cooler discussions.  For me, there is absolutely no competition.    This girl deserves some kudos.  She was publicly dumped and cheated on by Brad and had it rubbed in her face.  She deserves some love, totally.  She needs to quit picking idiots like John Mayer (Bubble gum tongue, seriously?!?!?!!) and find someone who she can be admired by.

Ahem, Jen… Look me up on Myspace.


Hm, seems that I prefer brunettes.


5 comments on “It’s A Girl Thing

  • Brody Dalle, yes and yes. But Mila Kunis? I never really “got” her on That 70’s Show. And then I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Good. god. woman. She was ADORABLE and SMOKING HOT. Yes, please.

  • OMG I know, about Mila. She was too cute and dimwitted on That 70’s Show; I couldn’t resist her. Although Laura Prepon (sp?) was smokin hot before she decided to go platinum scary blonde. I’d gobble her up. Napkin, please?

  • NO, say it ain’t so!!! Ah, maybe I’ll take her away for a rendezvous. He’s so weird looking. I saw him in a club kid movie and he was really, really weird. But intriguing.

    And yes Jen is so much hotter than Angelina.

  • Kate Walsh is gorgeous and Mila Kunis is all kinds of adorable, but Viveca? Um, not feeling that one. To appease that jungle fever may I suggest Leona Lewis? Gorgeous. I’ve never heard of Brody Dalle so I’m going to substitute the exquisite Eliza Dushku — tough and sexy as hell! And regarding my gurl Jen — kudos to you for having the good taste her dumbass ex-husband doesn’t.

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