Catching Up

Published 13 December, 2008 by itsaheartache

OK, so I fell off the face of the world for a few weeks.  This is what happens when the cable bill gets paid late, kids.  Nonetheless, I am back online, and not up to much.

I’m feeling very introspective of late… trying to take a look at myself right down to the nitty gritty and figure out what is broken, if anything.  Trying is the operative word, given that I’m terrified of what I may find.

This morning I am listening to Christmas music that I have downloaded from Frostwire; and listening to the shrieks of delight coming from the hill in my yard.  Two of my sons and the Divas are out there sledding in the 20 degree weather.  Oh, to be young again.

If you have been paying attention to the news, Michigan is even more screwed than ever. GM is ready to go under, and by no fault but their own.  It is my contention that faulty management practices and Union-motivated overspending caused this whole mess, and now millions of undeserving families are going to suffer as a result.  I’m talking about the workers who are just trying to support their families.  The vendors who have provided services to the employees and to the company of GM.  Everyone from the waitress at the corner diner to the mechanic who’s working on the fork lifts.  Meanwhile the CEO’s continue to cash their 28 million per year salary checks and live high on the hog.  The rest of us are just trying to survive.  Bravo, GM.  You should take a lesson from Toyota and learn some Lean policies, and swiftly.  But it won’t happen.  The gov’t and treasury will help them out, and they will never learn the consequences for the way they run their business.  What’s fucked up is that my sister in law the daycare provider can’t go running to the gov’t when HER business isn’t turning a profit.  What happens to her when food and milk and diapers get so expensive that she can’t even afford to run her business?  When she has to go to the parents and raise rates to break even, and those parents can’t afford the increase… It’s a horrible vicious circle, yes, but it’s part of running a business.  You manage expenses in the best interest of not running yourself into mountains of debt.  And I’m in no way claiming to be an expert at budgets and running businesses, but as a single mother I DO know a thing or two about making ends meet.  Upper management of some of these companies just don’t get it.  It’s like they get their promotion to white tie and forget what it’s like to be in the trenches, busting your ass in the best interest of those you work for.  Hoping for a crumb of recognition.  Even the company I used to work for – They are laying GOOD men off… Yet the upper levels continue to have their multiple cars paid for by the company.  They continue to have everything catered to them.  The rich are getting richer, and the poor are lining up on the corner for their free cheese.

I’m jumping off the soapbox, it just makes me so mad that there isn’t an easier solution to this mess.  I’m not an expert, but someone needs to get it into gear so people can get back to work.

Aside from panicking about the state of affairs locally, I’m trying to stay busy with work and catching up on bills.  You see how good that has done me, with the late cable payment and such.  The furniture people are leaving hate notes on my doorknob a few times a week.  Get in line, folks.  I’m praying I can make it to tax season.

My job is fun and exciting.  Although I am only a contractor for now, I am coming up with some great ideas to improve processes, and it’s being acknowledged by the right people.  When my contract is over I’m hoping to get hired on as permanent but I am not holding my breath.  At the very least the name of the company alone will be a fantastic update to my resume.  The suckiest part of being a contractor is that I’m locked into the same horrible pay rate for the duration of the contract, even if I am promoted or something.  It’s definitely taught me a thing or two about budgets.  It’s hard enough trying to make ends meet on the rate I make, let alone all the past dues from being without work for two months.  Like I said, though, just trying to make it to tax time.  It seems to be the magic fix.

On the online dating front – Not much is happening there.  I”m getting messages, just not the right kind of messages.  No, pervert, I DON’T want to see your dick.  While I like them, I don’t want to see YOURS.  They should have just called it what it is – Online SCREWING search.  I feel sorry for the few guys who might be on there for the right reasons, because they are totally flooded out by the creeps.

The kids are doing well.  Two of the boys just got done doing a community play and they had a fun time doing it.  My middle boy is excelling in band and choir; he had solos at both the school concerts this week.  I was a good momma, I didn’t cry in front of him.  I’m so proud of them all.  I’m at odds with my oldest son who feels that since he is almost 14 he can do what he wants, when he wants to do it.  I had forgotten about this phase of life.  My lord he is difficult.  He’s currently grounded from his PSP for missing homework *resulting in a horrible progress report* and still continually asks me to play it, or he will sneak it when I leave the house.  It’s not just about a video game to me… He needs to respect the boundaries I have placed and he also needs to accept responsibility for getting his work turned in on a timely basis.  He can’t just skim by anymore.

So yeah, that’s what is going on lately.  It seems like a lot, but it’s just my life.

I hope I can keep it from falling apart!!!

I have a funny post in the works so hopefully I will cheer you all up.  :o)

Thanks for stopping by!!


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