And Now, A Rant – In Which I Swear A Lot And Gesture Madly

Published 16 November, 2008 by itsaheartache

fist-websmallI log onto my MySpace shortly ago to see what’s going and I see THIS – Posted by an e-friend whom I’ve never met but still means the world to me nonetheless.

Last night a guy I used to see beat the crap out of me. Why am I putting this on here? Well for a few reasons….he destroyed my phone, broke it in two and i need everyone to give me their numbers again. I don’t know if verizon can give me all of my contacts back or not.

End result, i have a HUGE fat lip, swollen wrist, sore stomach and a very bruised ego. Found out quite a few people’s true colors last night too. I’m just glad he didn’t kill me and if any of you think I’m exaggerating, your wrong. So much for hoping for the good in people, really, the people that I thought would be there for me ended up NOT being there for me when I called and cried out.

He’s getting a restraining order and I’m picking up and moving on. Just wish I meant more to some. I guess now I see I never will.

Thanks for letting me rant for a bit.


Now listen here Mr. MotherFucker.  You think that it makes you any more of a man to put your hands all over some woman??? This girl is 6’1″.  Obviously your method was to physically intimate her.

Look at her, blaming herself.

FUCK YOU if you think it makes you a man to put your hands on a woman.  FUCK YOU if you think the only way out of an argument is to slap her up to prove your point.  FUCK YOU if you are too big of a pussy whiny bitch to turn the other cheek, cool down, and approach the situation like a grown ass man.  FUCK. YOU. In your ear.  With a dirty dick.

I can not beLIEVE what I’m reading.

Break the cycle, people.  This can NOT go on.

I am perfectly and more than completely aware that there are some loud ass bitches who like nothing better to do than get the man riled up just so they can have the satisfaction of knowing they brought him past his breaking point.  Guys, I KNOW we can be psychos.  And to those psychos who enjoy getting a rise out of their boyfriends just because they know it’s not legal for them to fight back – FUCK YOU TOO BITCHES.  You are just as big a part of the problem.

However, in my dear friend’s case I highly HIGHLY doubt she was asking for or provoking anything.  This is a girl who takes care of her business.  She is a good mother, a patient friend, intelligent, stable, and just plain awesome.  For some punk ass motherfucker to make her doubt herself like this makes me want to puke.

FUCK domestic violence.  Fuck it.


3 comments on “And Now, A Rant – In Which I Swear A Lot And Gesture Madly

  • Um, YEAH.

    I told her that I have some built up rage that I would be happy to use on that fucking piece of shit.

    I have met her, and no way did she provoke him like some bitches do to fuck with a guy. (Not that I am saying that hitting a woman is ever right, but well, you know….)

    I hope that fucker is locked up, and if he isn’t, WHY THE FUCK NOT?


  • This is horrible. As someone who has been in the situation before, I understand how truly hard it is. My heart goes out to her.

    This seems like a good time to segue into mentioning that I start my internship at a battered women’s shelter in January. I am quite excited about it.

  • Yay Britni that is so awesome. Most of the time all these women need is to know that they are worth someone’s time. It’s awful what these punks reduce them to. You’ll have to keep me posted.

    Jenne – UGH I KNOW!!! I want to drive over there myself and beat him stupid(er) with a curtain rod… and hope there is a snag on it somewhere and pulls his lip skin over his fool head. Motherfucker.

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