Published 15 November, 2008 by itsaheartache

Last night on the way home the guy in front of me hit a deer.  He hit it so hard that hair and deer shit went flying everywhere.  The guy didn’t even stop; didn’t pull over to check the damage to his car, nothing.  What a dick.  The deer laid in the road with its legs flailing like it was trying to get up.  I can’t get this image out of my head.  Jen says when she drove by later the deer wasn’t there, so hopefully it has found its way back into the forest and is OK.  I think it was a girl deer because I didn’t see any antlers.

Today in Michigan it’s opening day of firearms deer season.  Thousands of hunters throw on their bright orange jackets and slather themselves in doe pee in hopes of bringing home the big buck.  I think it’s a good thing; there are so many deer that they are running everywhere.  I see many remnants of car/deer accidents on a daily basis.  Population control is so necessary.  And hey, venison is delicious so it’s a win-win situation.

I know that there are many people who are against hunting and against hunters in general; saying that it’s cruel to shoot them.  Well would you rather them starve to death because there isn’t enough food left for them to find?  Or would you rather them get slammed by semis and cars on the highway for their bodies to be dragged down the road at 80 miles an hour?  I say weigh the facts before you get your weenie in a knot, folks.

But enough about deer.  Hopefully by talking about the car/deer accident I can get it out of my head.

This week has been awesomely busy.  It’s so funny because I still haven’t cleaned my room.  I started on cleaning my room, then that whole debacle came to an end when I lost my motivation.  Before I go to my brother’s today I do need to pick up the laundry so I can get everything washed tomorrow.

Work is getting more and more fun every day.  I’ve never worked for a company this big so it’s amazing for me to see how real processes are thought up and adhered to.  It’s very cool.  In talking with my new boss yesterday I have a clearer understanding of what my job will be and the responsibilities I will take on soon.  It’s exciting!  The place is so big that I have to take a bus from the parking lot to my building!

At home it’s a busy as ever.  Two of the boys are doing a play and it’s close to opening night so they are spending a lot of time at rehearsal.  A lot of time.  Their bedtime on school nights is 9:00 and they dont get home until 9:30 usually.  They don’t even have time for showers at night, which really blows.  I wish I had known that it would be such a long time; I feel like I never see them anymore.  But soon it will be over and they will be home with me at nights.  Then I will be complaining about them fighting all the time, LOL.  Hey I have to complain about something, right?

Update on the personals site – I am exchanging emails with a very nice man.  He’s not “gorgeous” but he looks very kind.  And he’s really tall too!! 6’6!!  I’ve also received a few messages on there from creepy guys who want to “meet up and have some fun”.  ICK!!!!!  To rip off Cher’s line from Clueless ‘Well you see how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet’.

Gross!! Do people actually do that?  I mean, I realize I’m being incredibly, incredibly naive here.  I know in the past I have met people to just hang out and one thing has led to another so I’m not stupid enough to think that this doesn’t happen… But do people meet just to have sex?  Without knowing a thing about each other?  Ahahaha I almost want to delete this paragraph because I sound like Laura Ingalls.  Of course people do this… That’s still just tacky.

I leave in 1/2 hour for my brother’s and still haven’t picked up my laundry… Guess I should do that.

Until next time…


2 comments on “Wham!

  • I hit a squirrel once and I was devastated. I went back around to see if it was okay, and its eye fell out and I was crying so hard that my mom and brother had to come get me and drive my car home. I don’t think I could ever hunt. My uncle, on the other hand, goes “hun-in'” with Hank Williams, Jr. and his house looks like a museum. He gets his animals either stuffed for display or his wife cooks them for dinner.

    At their wedding, her father said to us, “That Linda, she’s some woman. She can kill a deer, skin it, and have it on the table for dinner.” Yup, some woman.

  • It’s been a very, very long time since I checked in on you. I’m glad to see that the job thing is on track. With the economy the way it is (especially in your state), I’ve worried quite a bit about you, as far as jobs go). I hope everything else is well, and that you’ve found someone to give you what you need on a regular basis 😉


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