For The Love Of Comfort Food

Published 18 October, 2008 by itsaheartache

Yes, I’m a big girl.  And yes, I lurve to eat.  Food is nourishment.  It’s discovery.  It’s coming back to the familiar.  It’s wrecking a batch of cookies 8 times until you get it just like Grandma’s… But never getting it like Grandma’s and settling for a gut wrenching bowl of cookie dough.  Oh, is that just me?  I digress.

There’s nothing like good old comfort food.  Food that gives you a sense of warmth when you are feeling sick or sad or lonely.  You can tell I’m an emotional eater, yes?  Why, even as I type, my tummy is full of delicious dinner – Salisbury steak and rice.  *Drool*  Coming down from a godawful congestion, I wasn’t able to taste it too much, but dinnertime was fun.

So let’s get down to it… Comment and tell me some of your favorites and why.

Do you like Meat Loaf?

No.  Not THAT Meatloaf. And might I preface the better meatloaf by saying “What the HELL?!?!?!”  People though this guy was SEXY???  I mean, really.  Boogely eyes, a feathered mullet and baseball innuendos be damned.  Gross.  Let’s send a memo to the 70’s and find out why this guy was so hot.

Meatloaf.  This kind:

Now that’s more like it.  Ground meat, eggs, bread crumbs, and ketchup.  I want to drool like Homer Simpson over a good meatloaf.  What’s best about meatloaf is that you don’t have to necessarily use it in a loaf form… you can make balls from it and simmer in mushroom soup and serve over rice.  OMG that is so good.  Or you can slice it as leftovers and eat it on sandwiches with mustard.  Mm.

Onto the next course… What would Sunday morning breakfast be without donuts?  What’s that?  You eat pancakes at your house?  Well piss off, I’m not talking to you anyways.  Hmph.  You and your fancy cooking all on a Sunday morning and stuff.  Gosh.  Didn’t you know pancakes are supposed to be for Saturday mornings?  Don’t forget the 2 spoons of peanut butter into your pancake batter.  Peanut butter pancakes.  Trust me, you’ll love.  But we aren’t talking of pancakes… Donuts.

Ooh look at them.  Come to momma.  Let’s touch real quick on the nasty one up there in the middle with nuts on it.  Donuts are no place for real nuts.  Let me be honest.  Peanuts really ruin the donut experience; as does the horrible butterscotch/caramel/maple wanna be tan frosting that some bakeries will put on the donuts.  Barf-a-rama.  Leave well enough alone and don’t mess with a good thing.  Glazed; still warm; yes.  Sour cream, yes.  Long Johns, yes.  Now see what I just did?  I might have to run out tomorrow morning to get some donuts.  Better yet I could always make my own home-made ones.  Oh yes, I’m that good.  Come over, I’ll make you some too.

Nothing says “I just got dumped so lay it on me” like a big fat piece of chocolate cake.  Rawr. Chocolate seems to be the go-to life preserver for women especially.  I can’t explain it; there is something soothing and pacifying about chocolate.  The sugar free nonsense just won’t do, either.  Plus it (sugar free kind) gives you diarhea!! Why even bother with an imposter… Go for the real stuff.

Aye chihuahua.  Look at the chocolate shaving; you could  use them for prison shanks.

And speaking of shanks and cake… I must wish a very happy birthday to my favorite Pirate.  30-something today, gorgeous, funny, and cuter than I can ever hope to be.  I love you girl.  Your presents are on their way.

I’m outtie… still sicker than a dog so I’m drifting away in my TheraFlu coma.  Until next time… Go eat something; and tell me all about it!!!


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