Published 14 October, 2008 by itsaheartache

Oh my gosh I hate being sick.  This cough came on fast!  Yesterday I was fine; hyper even.  Last night before bed I got a tickle in my throat so I took some medicine.  This morning I have wheezy sounding breathing and my throat is killing me.

I made the drive into work anyways, and stayed for 1 hour.  It’s odd working for a place who is supportive of their employees taking time off if they need it. They told me “Go home!! Feel better!!”  And they meant it!

Scratch that… It’s nice working for a place who is supportive – Period.

Last night two of the boys and I helped my friends D & J clean their house; they are selling and it’s being shown today.  It was fun hanging out there; the boys really did a great job outside.  The sad and hilarious part is that when I drove by this morning, all the leaves they had swept up had blown right back where they were b/c of the windy weather we had early this a.m.  Damn leaves.

I have so much to do around my own house but have become strangely unmotivated.  I’m not doing anything today because I feel like garbage, but I have a huge list amassed of little projects to get done.  My baseboards are screaming at me; because I have cats there is a small track of cat hair right in the corner where the baseboard meets the floor and the vacuum can’t get to.  So probably tomorrow night I will crawl around on my hands & knees and pick up cat hair.  Sounds fun, eh?

I picked out my Halloween costume.  It’s a make-your-own Halloween ensemble… I’m going as the lady from The Birds.  I bought the birds Saturday while I was out shopping with the girls; and this week I’ll go to Goodwill to find a suit if Elle doesn’t have one in the prop closet that will fit me.

I have about 6 months to find a date for Jen’s wedding.  Her fiance does have a really cute friend who is single, so maybe I will ask them to set us up or something.  He seems super nice; we’ve hung out socially a couple of times.  We’ll see though.  I want to lose some weight before the wedding, that’s for damn sure.

You should have seen it when we went for dress fitting.  Here I am getting sized for a big size (I won’t tell you because it’s embarassing) and in the same wing of the bridal shop is “Skeletor Bridezilla” who has to be clamped into a size FOUR.  Four is the smallest size they had on site; but get this.  I overheard her tell the fitting lady she wears a double Zero.  As in James Bond minus the 7.  What the hell is wrong with people?  Her vertebrae were jutting out of her back all the way up her neck and into her freaking hairline.  I wanted to feed her; she looked like a refugee.

And I know that everyone has their own hangups… maybe Skinny Mini thinks her toes are ugly or something.  But she was so thin.  So scary thin.

So yeah.  I want to go on a diet (again).  And not because of Skeletor.  I’m healthy; my blood pressure is good; my cholesterol is low; I don’t get winded during physical activity (too badly)… And I’m proportioned well.  But it’s just that I look different than I feel.  Does that make sense?  Maybe I have overdosed on Robitussin…

I’m sleeping in this weekend.  This is my present to myself.  Speaking of sleep; I’m going to bed.  Kisses.


2 comments on “*Cough*

  • Serious a double freaking 0. As if it isn’t ridiculous enough being so emaciated you don’t even register a damn size number. Next will be negative numbers. UGH. We need to corral these chicks up and feed them a good meal.

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