And The Beat Goes On…

Published 12 October, 2008 by itsaheartache

Another weekend come and gone…

The birthday weekend was super fun.  Mom didn’t stay as long as planned (surprise).  It’s OK though; she seemed so distracted.  And smoked a ton.  Ugh. She seemed more than happy to be out of here and on her way back up north to where Little Sis is.  She didn’t even call my brother, which is bogue.

I got a new van this week.  My old one took a shit in the form of a cracked engine block; so that was totally exciting.  My “new” van is a 2002, with air conditioning that actually works.  How funny that now I get a vehicle with A/C when it’s getting cooler outside.  Ohwell; it will be there for me when the weather gets hot again!!!

I’m so happy for vh1 Sunday again.  Right now the pickup artist 2 is on.  I feel so bad for the guys!!!  I hated Rock of Love Charm School; and only because Lacey made it on the show.  I can’t stand the girl.  Her hair is red like Aunt Flo red.  She is an instigator and I hope Sharon expells her very soon!!

The job is going well; I am still getting to know everyone and getting familiar with the processes.  I’ve come up with a few good ideas which seemed to go over well, so hopefully I won’t be a temp for long!

I guess there isn’t really much to say tonight… I’m working on a bigger post so stay tuned!!



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