Ooh La La

Published 1 October, 2008 by itsaheartache

“I’m in love with a strict machine” ~ Goldfrapp

I’m beat, already.  3 days into the new job and I’m ready for my blankie and a good movie.  I forgot how tiring it is getting to know new processes and meeting new people.  Mind you, the company I am now working for is huge, and I will never meet everyone there.  It’s a fun process though.  I thoroughly enjoy it so far, and am very excited.

I got lost this morning coming into the building.  The facility is so big that we have to park out in satellite designations and catch a shuttle bus to our building.  I’m just a small town girl, so for me this is insane and exciting.  I got off a stop early this morning so I was completely confused.  It all turned out OK, though, and I got to work early so I could put some things in my new cubicle.

I feel fuzzy tonight – I had to take some Vicodin with dinner.  My “present” got here yesterday and is giving me a hard time this month.  I think it’s trying to do me in.

There are quite a few exciting things coming up soon!  My mom will get here Friday for my birthday.  She is spending the weekend with us, and I am celebrating my birthday / new job-ness on Saturday night.  Sunday we are all going to Carly’s mom’s house and having a lunch thing.  Next weekend is dress fitting with the girls and Jen.  I’m also going to take the Divas to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua and to the pumpkin patch.  Oye.

VH1 is bringing a couple good shows back for additional seasons… The Pick Up Artist and Charm School.  Charm School this time will feature the Rock of Love girls.  I can’t wait to see Sharon Osbourne slap Lacey.  I couldn’t stand that chick.  The Pick Up Artist is a cute show.  There is this dude named Mystery who has two hot friends, and they are very successful with the ladies.  Well, the point of the show is that men who don’t have good game (If any) come on the show and learn tricks of the trade.  It’s about more than picking up women; Mystery helps them get their confidence and self esteem.  I like seeing the shy men come out of their shells, because they really are rather nice guys.

I’m obsessed with the election.  I used to watch Family Guy at 11:00; now I’m reading up on political blogs and watching Anderson Cooper.  Ugh.  Since when did I become so responsible?

I’m so tired right now.  And I still have so much to do before Mom gets here.

I can’t wait for my nap Saturday!!!!


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