Aaaand… Exhale.

Published 25 September, 2008 by itsaheartache

This morning in the shower I felt weeks of stress being scrubbed away.  I cried, not because I’m sad; but because I’m so, so, happy.  I’m elated.  I’m done being overwhelmed.  I feel… back to normal.  Kind of.

Long story short, Momma got a job.  I start Monday, at a well known company, doing exactly what I want to do.

Elle has an interview today.  I hope she gets hers too!!!

If anything, the last two months have taught me a lot about myself.  I am too damn whiny!  LOL

No, really, I knew that I’d find a job eventually, I was just terrified that it was going to take me forever and a day to find one.

This is going to be a great start to what I hope is a new beginning.

My big question is… How many new beginnings can one person use up in their life?  Is there some sort of tally sheet being recorded in the Great Beyond?  Does the scorekeeper decide “Ah… well too bad bitch, you should have used that last fresh start better”?  If so then I better be careful because I’m about out of fresh starts.

I have no one to answer to but myself, but these thoughts still linger.  They are refreshing most days, and they keep my eye on the prize.  The prize being success.  Winning the battle against everyone who tells me I’m not going to make it.  Everyone who gossips and is a totally different person to my face.  I hope to prove them all wrong.  I’m going to make it through this year if it kills me.


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