I… Like You?

Published 7 September, 2008 by itsaheartache

OK so I’m up late listening to the Roast of Bob Saget on Comedy Central.

I love a good roast; but I guess I am skipping the concept.  We like you, but let’s make horrible bad jokes about your moral compass and character, and perhaps we’ll insult your wife and kids while we’re at it.

OK, so they’re funny.  The Flavor Flav Roast?  Priceless.

I just can’t imagine someone saying to me “Hey guess what, you’re a bum, a horrible mother, a fat slob, and you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell to find a suitable mate.  But we love you.  Kiss, hug.”

Uh, no.

Perhaps I’m too sensitive.  I AM pretty sleepy.  Hmm.


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